Saturday, May 10, 2003

Slow and steady

I will never be a major force in the blogging world at this rate. I keep wandering away from the internet for days at a time and not adding to my blog.

For the (few) of you who visit regularly I am sorry (again) for the gaps in posting.

I have spent the last week using the darkroom at school because after Sunday i have no darkroom until next year. I really love printing pictures and will miss it over the summer. However, the last week of marathon printing means that I have overdosed on film fix for the next couple of months. Hopefully when I start going through withdrawl symptoms again it won't be to long until I can get into the darkroom again.

Hopefully someday soon I will get around to scanning a couple of images and posting them up on Geographica. I am just not captain technology and therefore have neither scanner norhosting space for my pictures. Hopefully someday soon.


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