Friday, May 30, 2003

Where is my luck?

This afternoon I went for a ride in a friends 1967 Ford Mustang. That in itself is not particularly notable except… She just bought it for $3500!!!

To review – a friend bought a 1967 Mustang for $3500. This car is a thing of beauty, with the original turquoise interior and original white paintjob.

My friend knew she wanted a new car and just picked up the local paper to see what was available. She was not planning on buying a classic car but here it is, after all who could pass up a deal like this!

Why is it that when I decide to buy a car I end up with a Ford Contour, but my friend drives up with a 1967 Mustang? Luck, pure and simple.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I have no luck (exhibit 1: I am unemployed and overeducated) whereas my friend with the great new car has tons of luck (exhibit 2: she dropped out of college and makes big bank while never working as far as I can tell).

This leads to my question… Where is my luck?


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