Saturday, June 07, 2003

I don’t see this going well

Scanning the BBC website today I came across this page for the first time “What the World Thinks of America”.

For some reason it give me the heebie-jeebies. I think what does it for me is the fact that the main image on the page presenting this show was that of Communist soldiers (Red stars on their caps China? N. Korea?) with the American flag reflecting on their glasses.

Reading more about this upcoming show it seems tome like a train wreck in the making. The show description reads
Andrew Marr, the BBC's political editor, presents a unique broadcasting event confronting a critical question at the heart of the 21st century - what does the world think of America?

What The World Thinks of America, a special 90-minute debate, brings together 10 national broadcasters and a range of diverse voices from around the globe to give a multi-national verdict on the United States.

Hosted from London, the programme will boast a panel of quality thinkers, movers and shakers, including former Palestinian negotiator Dr Sa'eb Erekat, former cabinet minister Clare Short, US journalist Joe Klein and former Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto - a seldom convened brains trust of world views on America's pre-eminence.

Satellite links will create a sense of global conversation, with input from leading broadcasters around the world.

The debate will also reveal the results of a ground-breaking, international survey of attitudes that will capture popular prejudices and convictions about America.

There will be a separate poll in the United States testing American's grasp on their public image abroad.

These findings will give a truly global perspective on American values, politics, leadership and popular culture.
(emphasis mine)
As far as I can tell what ‘the world thinks of America’ is that America should care ‘what the world thinks of America’.

It is evidently really becoming frustrating to the media elites worldwide that America doesn’t care if they feel that it is necessary to convene this ‘brains trust’ to discuss the issue.

As an added bonus there is a poll for ‘greatest American’. The top ten Americans who receive the most nominations will become the short list on June 9. Please take a minute and nominate a great American. I nominated Ronald Reagan. I am praying that Bill Clinton does not make it to the short list but considering the BBC audience I am very scared of who will make this list.

If you have a blog – perhaps you can post a link to this ‘greatest American’ poll too? If we can flood the blogosphere with requests to nominate President Reagan he is sure to be on the short list!


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