Thursday, April 10, 2003

Must Read

Please go read a missive from Mrs. Smash over at LT. Smash.

She writes hauntingly on the challenge of being a spouse on the homefront.

So I carry on, trying to keep myself occupied. The home improvement projects certainly help! Mealtimes are the hardest. I’m not crazy about cooking in the best of situations, and I can’t abide cooking “for one.” LT’s parents take pity on me and have me to dinner a couple of times per week, and I go out with friends from time to time. But when I don’t have plans, and dinnertime rolls around, that’s when I feel the most alone.

I happen to know a couple of women who are living through the same challenges and they are very strong brave women. I have commented on this site before about the importance of remembering the families that are here on the homefront. Perhaps reading Mrs. Smash will remind us that more than just the men in uniform have made sacrifices.

If you have a friend, neighbor or coworker who is waiting for news from the ‘sandbox’ take a minute to invite them to dinner or lunch. That can be the best way to support the troops, by helping their family here at home.


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