Saturday, May 31, 2003

Affirmative action for bloggers?

Jay Solo pointed out an interesting entry at The Truth Laid Bear. Go read the entry and then you can come back here because then rest of this will make sense.

Perhaps it is because I am a conservative but...

I would stop blogging if I thought that the only reason I was getting links and traffic was because of some 'affirmative action' based on my gender.

I blog because I like to write and I love the ability to comment on the world as it goes by – blogging gives me a great creative outlet that I appreciate. I do not blog to achieve from position in the ecosphere (as is evident by my falling position!).

My blog is out there for people to discover or not. I hope they enjoy my writing and link – if they don't so be it! I do not ascribe the position of my blog in the ecosphere to any form of discrimination. That is one of the beautiful things about the blogosphere - it is a pure free market.

Upon occasion my life gets in the way and I won't post for a few days (hence the falling bogsphere position). I do this because as much as I am proud of ‘geographica’…people, it is just a blog!


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