Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I wonder what they will name the baby?

The Washington Times reports that a Marine gave birth to a baby boy on a ship in the Persian Gulf. The Pentagon reported that this was the first time that an active duty serviceperson gave birth in a war zone.

I am sure that this story will elicit shock and horror but I am actually surprised that it has not happened already. When it comes right down to it pregnancy is a natural condition and wherever there is a large population of women and men living and working together babies are sure to result.

At the very least I think that this is a perfect example of why women in uniform shoud stay ‘in the rear with the gear’. Imagine if this baby had been born on the front lines during a battle – far away from the complete hospital that this baby was born in. In my view those who are agitating for women in combat positions are only interested in their own political advancement.

There will be some shock that the Marine did not know she was pregnant but… this would not be the first time that has happened. Additionally, the Marine in question has been fairly busy for the last few months.

At this point the best question is - what will this healthy baby boy be named? George? Donald?


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