Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Serves them right!

The BBC reports that America is expelling illegal immigrants who have been discovered living in America due to new Homeland Security regulations.

I for one shall shed no tears for the illegal immigrants who are expelled – if they are not willing to follow the laws of the land in this case how can we trust them to follow other laws?

What I find most striking is the tone in the comments section below the story. The most sensible responses were from those who had followed the letter of the law to enter America. They understandably resented those who entered illegally and now expect to not be punished for that.
I am a British citizen. I immigrated to the USA nearly four years ago after following the rules. It took time, money, patience and as I was marrying a US citizen, a large amount of pain when we were apart. I am glad they are clamping down on the people who sneak in, or sneak through a loophole. If I and so many others have to suffer, work, wait and so forth, then they should too.
Wesley Young, USA
I am glad that Wesley Young took the time and was willing to make the effort to come to America – we need more people here who follow the rules!

I have a friend who has been waiting for a visa for his wife for over 18 months. During that time they have had to live 3000 miles apart while awaiting her legal entry for permanent residency.

This is clearly not a ‘green card’ marriage – they were married nearly 5 years ago and lived in her home country for 3 years before deciding to return to America. Yet it has still taken an absurd length of time for my friend’s wife to get a visa.

The nightmare of waiting for paperwork to wind its way through the labyrinth of bureaucratic red tape is a daunting prospect. However, my friend and his wife are willing to take the time and pay the expenses of doing the right thing.

In my view this is the kind of person we want in America – one who is willing to put the time, effort, and energy into the process of entering this nation and one who respects the rule of law in the nation that they are coming to live in.


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