Wednesday, September 10, 2003

History always repeats itself...

Several months ago the world watched as statues of Saddam Hussein in Iraq were torn down. At the time most commentators compared the event to the destruction of statues of Lenin during the fall of the Soviet Union.

At the time I had no idea that something similiar happened in our own American history.

The Declaration of Independance was first announced and read in New York on July 9, 1776. Following the reading of the declaration a mob pulled down a deeply disliked statue of King George III and cut it up.
The lead statue was well suited for it's future use... as cannonballs and bullets. Evidently it was said at the time that the bullets resulting from the statue were "melted majesty, to be poured right back into the king's men."

I am not one of those who complain that Saddam has not been found. I tend to enjoy the thought of him hiding in a small dark corner of a basement somewhere - it seems fitting. However, I think that part of the problem in Iraq today is that the Iraqi people have not had the opportunity to do something similair... pouring melted dictator down Saddams throat.

I hope that there is some action that is taken that the men and women of Iraq can participate in to close the book on the Saddam era. Perhaps the new voting booths in Iraq can be made from the metal from all those destroyed statues.

Any other suggestions for the use of the scrap metal from all those statues?


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