Monday, September 15, 2003


I am not usually prone to fits of jealousy. However, lately I have begun to covet high-speed Internet connections.

At home I am relegated to crappy dial-up and I had promised myself that once employed I would spring for a cable modem. Unfortunately, thought I may be employed the new budget just doesn’t stretch that far.

In the past I have been able to feed my desire for lightening fast Internet connections at work (for that I miss my dot-com jobs). However, at my present job I have no such luck. At the moment my work computer can only connect to the Internet through dial-up that never gets faster than 28.8 and shares a phone line with a busy fax. Suffice it to say – that SUCKS.

My boss has a cable modem to his computer, and as it is a business account we can split the line with a router but… I have no idea how. My new boss is a really great guy, but hardly comfortable with computers. In the week that I have been there I have pretty much taken over the computer maintenance portion of the business. That is a sad commentary on the situation because I am most definitely NOT captain technology.

I like the job a lot (except that it is accounting, and pays crap) but a decent Internet connection would make this phase of my career a great deal more bearable. Also, if I could access the Internet during lunch I would definitely be able to post more often on my blog. Therefore, I am putting this question out to blogdom … Is it possible to connect two computers to the same cable modem? And how do I do it? How much would it cost? Is it something that I, with my limited tech ability, could do?

If you have answers to any of the above questions PLEASE e-mail me at mapchic at hotmail.


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