Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Democrats on the lam

While driving this afternoon I heard on the radio a story about the Democratic legislators in Texas going on the lam from doing their duty for their constituents. My very first thought was – I can not wait to see what Rachel and Kim will have to say.

I really like the way that Kim has re-christened the party as the ‘DemoBrats’. I think that is a perfect secription for a party that is acting not unlike my 4 year old nephew would when nobody else wants to play the game that he chooses.

Rachel covers this story by looking at it through the cold hard lens of reality. She is right – if anyone else in this country were to behave like this they would be FIRED. Lord willing that will happen to these politicians as well and in the next election cycle the citizens of the great state of Texas will vote the bastards out.


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