Monday, September 22, 2003

Inanimate objects

Recently I have read or heard the following statement from several sources.

“Guns are evil”

This is just about the stupidest thing that anyone can say to me. I have a short prepared vent that I would like to share with all of blogdom…

Guns are not evil, they are not good, they are not dangerous, and they are not safe. Guns just are. As inanimate objects guns can only exist. To be evil, or good, or dangerous they would need to have consciousness and free will in order to choose to be evil or good.

If you have a problem with how guns are used then say that. If you state ‘gun owners are evil’ then I will understand that you are misguided and wrong thinking – rather than simpleminded and anthropomorphizing.

Recognize that in order for a gun to be used for an evil purpose that it will have to be picked up, loaded, aimed and fired by a person. That person would likely do something evil regardless of the existence of the gun. A gun is only a tool, like a hammer or a screwdriver, how often does one feel the urge to exclaim ‘wrenches are evil’. Ridiculous!

However, I think ascribing motives to inanimate objects is a symptom of a larger problem in our society. Beyond the creepy anthropomorphizing (for which I blame Disney) there seems to be a complete lack of any responsibility taken by anyone for his or her actions.

Perhaps my obsession with personal responsibility is a result of my upbringing. After the age of seven whenever I was involved in any type of an accident – from a bike crash to spilling something in the kitchen my mother would say “What caused the accident – and how will you avoid it in the future?”. The result of this was that I quickly learned to take responsibility for my own actions and understand that just about every accident can and should be avoided.

This simple childhood lesson seems to have been lost on many other people. In particular… news reports seem to blame guns for crimes. Last I checked nobody has created a gun that has the power to wander the streets alone - shooting unsuspecting gang members. Rather, the person who holds the gun is the person that causes the gun to fire.

Next time you hear about a ‘gun crime’ or a ‘gun accident’ remember – that no matter the crime or accident it was caused by a PERSON.


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