Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Bloggers Block

Blogging has greatly increased my respect fro professional writers. In particular, I have no idea how Lileks can be so consistently genius for so many columns a week!

In the past I never thought much about ‘writers block’… until I experienced it.

Lately, I can think of great ideas for my blog when I am driving, or working, or having a conversation with a friend. These have been great ideas – that spring to my mind fully formed. Then when I get in front of a computer - - nothing.

I think that I got a bit freaked out when I got several pieces of e-mail in one day. I realized that people were actually reading my blog. Since then I have felt a bit of ‘performance anxiety’. I think that the best way to resolve this in the future is to do my best to just keep writing. Stop thinking about what other people might think and the hell with grammatical errors and typos!


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