Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Blame it on the goat

Here in Chicago we have been without a World Series winning baseball team for a long time… VERY long.

The Chicago Cubs actually have not won a World Series since 1908 – the longest dry spell in major league baseball. Even so, until 1945 the Cubs would at least get into the World Series on a fairly regular basis. That year the famous curse was placed on Wrigley Field…

It is told that Sam Sianis, a Greek Immigrant and self promoting owner of the famed ‘Billy Goat Tavern’ (famously portrayed on Saturday night live ‘Cheesebooger, no fries – chips’), attempted to bring his Billy Goat to Wrigley Field to watch the 1945 World Series. Even thought he goat had his own ticket the ushers refused it entry. This led Sam Sianis to curse the Cubs “Cubs, the not gonna win no more”. And now for 58 years they have not gotten into the World Series – let alone win it!

I am not usually a very superstitious person but… after 95 years without winning a World Series I think it is time to consider the fact that supernatural forces may be at work. Our curse is not as widely known as the ‘curse of the Bambino’ that has meant many years of pain for Boston baseball fans. And the curse gives no explanation for why the White Sox have not won a World Series since 1917 (being a Cubs fan I think the fact that they are the Sox is explanation enough).

However, this year some enterprising souls have struck upon a great idea… transfer the curse to another team! Three Cubs fans flew down to Houston, bought a Billy Goat, and purchased tickets to that afternoon’s game (including a ticket for the Billy Goat). They then attempted to enter the Astro’s Park. Of course, the ushers would not allow three men and a goat to enter so a proclamation was read by one of the owners of the goat:
Two years shy of sixty cursed
For all this time the cubs were worst
Armed with goat and mystic verse
We hereby reverse the curse
You had your chance to let him in
But now no more will Astros win
We’ll take our Goat and leave this place
Along with your hopes in the pennant race!
If this story has the vibe of a wacky radio bit that is because it was a wacky radio bit – but one I can support. I am sorry for those of you who may live in Houston but we in Chicago are desperate for a win – desperate enough to try and curse someone else.

No matter what happens this year with the Cubs I will still be a fan. The Cubs have taught me the difference between hope and faith. Right now I have a great deal of hope for the success of the Cubs this year but… not much faith that they will pull it off. Perhaps the lifting of the curse will make all the difference this year (I hope).


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